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Sales Collateral, Rubber Balls and Marketing Your Company

Dave Soltau - April 28, 2021 - 0 comments

New entrepreneurs, you know what marketing collateral is, right? That’s all the marketing pieces for the branding of your business. This starts with your logo, a video, Facebook page, business cards, website, brochures, signage, pens, rubber balls, or anything else that helps your brand connect with potential customers.. 

You can use pieces of marketing collateral to describe who you are, what your business intends to do, and how your business can help customers. It’s all part of the costs of ramping up your new business.

You might want to do it yourself, or work with local marketing folks.  My advice is to try to limit your collateral costs at the start of your business, and instead, try to do great work, get paying customers, and a few great testimonials. The tchotchkes can come later. 

In my VIP Master Bundle course, I offer guidance on how to deal with your marketing collateral, and we go through this section step-by-step in detail. I highly encourage you to take the leap of faith, purchase my course, and start to dig into the wisdom I’ve gained over the past 14 years in the home healthcare staffing business. Using my guidelines can help you avoid the costly mistakes that I had to overcome! 

Come learn about me at DaveTheNurse and then visit my Health & Wealth Academy site to download my courses to help you get started on an entrepreneurial nursing career! 

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