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Discovering Loom to Create Video Content

Dave Soltau - April 29, 2021 - 0 comments

In this week’s Throwback Thursday clip, I share a bit about how I use Loom, a cool web tool that has allowed me to create and upload videos on the fly. I used this tool a lot in 2020 to create many of my course videos. 

Using Loom made the process of creating video content easier and quicker for me. It can work for you too! It’s important to confirm that your microphones are working well, your video looks right and you have a distribution tool (I used DropBox) to organize the video content. 

This short clip only scratches the surface of what I learned using Loom. To see the full video and hear my guidelines for using it, sign up for my VIP Master Bundle Course. There, you can see all my videos and much more. 

I hope you enjoy today’s Throwback Thursday video. To learn more about your business journey, click over to my Entrepreneur courses at to help you get started in a home healthcare nurse staffing business

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