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Collaborating With a Medicare-Certified Agency – Q&A Friday

Dave Soltau - May 14, 2021 - 0 comments

Hi, DaveTheNurse here with the Health & Wealth Academy. Today is Q& A Friday, and today’s question

“As a non-medical home health agency owner, what is the benefit to us working with a Medicare-certified agency?”

Great question!

Over the past 14 years, we’ve worked with multiple companies that we would define as non-skilled or home care. That means their job is to make sure the family member is safe, has meals, gets transportation, etc. 

Skilled practitioners take care of IVs, wound therapy, physical therapy. When you work with a skilled Medicare-certified company like ours, you have a resource from a clinical perspective when the family member needs it because of a medical need.

Your agency can partner with us to provide the necessary clinical skills and maybe we can work together on future patients in the future. There are enough patients to go around, let’s both work together to make a difference for our community. 

Thanks for this question. Email me at with your question about home healthcare and I’ll try to answer it in an upcoming Friday Q&A segment.  


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