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How to Get Your Business Off the Ground

Dave Soltau - April 27, 2021 - 0 comments

I’m grateful to you for checking in with me! Thank you for watching my clips and learning from my tips and insights on how to start your own home healthcare staffing business. I wish I had this information 14 years ago when I started my staffing business. 

I’ve taken the past two and a half years to create these courses on how to help you grow your own entrepreneurial journey in home healthcare. This information in How to get off the ground – Starting your business course will help you get started and on your entrepreneurial way. My courses are a blueprint made just for you! These courses have the most important information I could compile for you.

If you want me to touch on a particular topic that would be helpful for you, contact me at and I’ll see how I can bring that information into the courses. Go to my Health & Wealth Academy and buy my courses that will equip you with entrepreneurial tools to start your own successful business

To learn more about growing a business, sign up for my How to get off the ground-Starting your business course.  You should also check out my webinars at

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