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How Many Caregivers for a 24-7 Case? Q&A Friday

Dave Soltau - March 26, 2021 - 0 comments

Hi, DaveTheNurse here on Q&A Friday – Our question today is

“I just received my very first 24-hour case. How many caregivers do you require, and do you pay overtime?”

This is an excellent question. Let me share how we’ve handled it. 

In the beginning, we definitely paid overtime in our early 24-7 cases for homecare staffing. Over the past 13 years, we’ve gained more experiences and learned a lot in handling about seven 24-7 cases. 

You should definitely have at least three full-time providers per shift. Three each for a day shift 7am-7pm, and a night shift 7pm-7am. Having three caregivers on each shift helps two persons work 36 hours each, and a third person to manage the 12-hour day. 

As a business owner, this prevents you from having to go in if someone calls off, and it protects you from paying overtime, and having the right amount of people for the job. 

Hope that’s helpful. Thanks for watching!

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