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Spending Money To Make Money

Dave Soltau - March 25, 2021 - 0 comments

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to spend money to make money at some point. You’ll find when starting up an entrepreneurial venture that you don’t have all the skills to do everything yourself. It’s OK to outsource some functions, if you have a budget for that. 

For instance, I found an expert on Upwork that helped me do videos much faster than I could do on my own. I tried to do them on my own, as I explain in the video below, but I decided to work with someone who has more experience in dealing with videos and files. 

This is reasonable advice. With today’s technology, you can outsource some necessary work to others. Sometimes, it makes sense to spend a little money to get your work done by someone who can turn it around more quickly and better than you could. 

If you try to do everything yourself, you’re gonna realize that for a reasonable price, you can get help on the web to help you with your website, your social media, or other parts of your business. 

Listen to my thinking on this in the clip below. Then, if you want to learn more, visit my full range of courses available at the Health & Wealth Academy. My full courses have much more depth than these small teasers here on the blog and on social media. If you’re starting up your own entrepreneurial home health care business, I recommend you look to the info in my courses. 

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