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Balancing Life with Entrepreneurship

Dave Soltau - January 14, 2021 - 0 comments

You’re going to recognize quickly as a young entrepreneur that you will spend all the time that you can on your business. But at the same time, you still have to live, you still have responsibilities, and you better do something about it! So come with me as we figure out how to balance what you have to get done in life versus what you need to work on your business. 

Sometimes you just have to create. Then you figure out what to do with all that information later. Even on weekends, I try to find an hour or two to do something that adds to my business. For instance, in this video clip, I’m working on the audio content I created for this course and trying to figure out how best to snip the audio content up into segments and colors. 

Use every day to your advantage – take an hour or two to contribute to your entrepreneurial big picture. Remember, three years from now, you’ll be grateful for all the time you spent earlier on your business. 


I’m so happy you are sharing this journey with me. Learn more about DaveTheNurse and Health & Wealth Academy today.

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