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Capturing the 3 Personas of DaveTheNurse

Dave Soltau - April 22, 2021 - 0 comments

You’ve got a brand, you’ve made your company logo, and now you need to shoot some pics of yourself, as the face of your entrepreneurial brand. Today’s Throwback Thursday clip looks back to last year at my photoshoot.

I decided to take pictures in three different personas- one as DaveTheNurse, DaveTheEntrepreneur and DaveTheRegular Guy. You may even recognize some of the photos up my and the Health & Wealth Academy websites

You have to think about these different types of your personality, as you will likely have different needs for photos for your website, your social feeds, and maybe even your business cards. Having more content when you need it is better than having to scramble for pictures later on.  

I hope you enjoy today’s throwback video. To learn more about your business journey, click over to my Entrepreneur courses at to help you get started in a home healthcare nurse staffing business

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