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Solving the Nursing Shortage Problem

Dave Soltau - December 30, 2020 - 0 comments

Recent predictions have shown that over the next decade, there may be a shortage of one million nurses in the United States. This is a growing problem, especially with the graying of America – the aging of the baby boomer generation.

I have spoken to younger nurses, and they are already ready to move on to become nurse practitioners, after only a few short years in bedside duty. This is somewhat alarming for someone who has worked in the profession for many years.

In this week’s Who is DaveTheNurse segment, I discuss the challenges that our society faces with the nursing shortage, and how we as mentors need to try to bring more young people into the nursing profession, and help keep them there. It’s a big challenge. I know we’re up to it.

Over the next few months, DaveTheNurse will share mini-clips like this to help you stay inspired and excited in your journey to becoming the best entrepreneur or nurse entrepreneur you can possibly be. Stay tuned for more clips from DaveTheNurse and the Health & Wealth Academy.


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