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Q&A Friday – How Do I Request a Male Caregiver For a Client Legally?

Dave Soltau - February 12, 2021 - 0 comments

Hi everyone, Happy Friday! It’s time for another excellent question for our Friday Q&A.

“My client is requesting a male caregiver. I need to post an ad for a male. How do I word it and stay legal?”

Thanks for the question. 

You will from time to time get specific gender requests for caregivers at the request of the family. These may come for a variety of reasons. I spell out some of the common ones we’ve heard in the video. I believe if the client is preferring a specific gender for the patient, then it’s easy enough to state that preference in your ad.

I show you exactly how you can do this in today’s Q&A video clip. Enjoy! 

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