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That A-HAW Moment on Self Awareness is Key

Dave Soltau - February 15, 2021 - 0 comments

In today’s A-HAW moment, I share some insights that I’ve learned about self-awareness on the job. It’s important to have real conversations in the office, in the clinic, with your team, and with doctors. Talk to people as real human beings. Be clear, concise, and agreeable. I had to learn how to be myself to establish real relationships and become an effective leader

When I asked Stephanie for help, she said ‘you got it.’ That’s because she and I have developed a level of trust together, and we know that we support each other. Guys, you need to have this self-awareness in all your work relationships. It can truly make all the difference. Watch the clip below to learn how I handled certain situations. 

DaveTheNurse has many of these A-HAW moments, and you can use these to help you start your own entrepreneurial journey. When you’re ready to go to the next level, then click over to sign up for my course at the Health & Wealth Academy

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