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That AHAW Moment of Dealing with Judgement and Critics as a New Entrepreneur

Dave Soltau - January 4, 2021 - 0 comments

Don’t tell me after 24 hours of thinking about it or sleeping on it how you would have adjusted your results going this direction. Because it’s all based on the outcome, as in today’s outcome based on yesterday’s opinion and/or decision. 

But as a Monday morning quarterback, it’s so easy to criticize the outcomes of X, based on today’s reality. No one knows the pressure that everyone’s under. Now it’s one thing if you’re not listening, but it’s another if you gotta make hard decisions, because if I’ve listened going this direction, it may end up with this result. Welcome to being an entrepreneur

It’s very, very difficult, and I’m telling you guys, you’re going to be surrounded over the years, if some of you even get that far, by naysayers, doubters and critics, telling you how they would’ve done it, how you should’ve done it, and why your decision was wrong. Based on the outcome of yesterday, oh my gosh, OK? 

Sometimes, guys, the outcome of yesterday was due to things that happened in our years past. We chose this direction over here on the left versus the one on the right

because every time we have gone to the right, this happened. So this time we chose left. Well, wrong decision. I would’ve gone right! Based on what? On your years of experience as an employee? Or your years of experience as an owner?

It’s amazing how experience impacts decisions. It happens all the time. And sometimes, in worst cases, the decision and the outcomes of the past control the outcomes and decisions of the future, whether it be the right decision or the wrong decision. 

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