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Maintaining Business Momentum

Dave Soltau - January 28, 2021 - 0 comments

How’s it going, everybody? It’s DaveTheNurse here. Here’s a Throwback Thursday from April 28, 2020. I was coming home from a workout! Do you know what’s crazy? How much energy you have right after you’re done exercising! It’s incredible what you can accomplish. Come with me and I’ll share what I planned to get done that day.

At that point, last April, my business from an LLC perspective had been set up. I received my articles of incorporation, I’d confirmed that our business is registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission, got my Tax ID number, and I had all the required assets to open my checking and savings accounts.

I was planning to call my banker, as they know my credit score, payment history, and I’m not a credit risk. My goal is to establish checking and savings with an established bank. I also planned to follow up with an email. I also needed to check with a lawyer about the legal work I needed to do in setting up the Health & Wealth Academy. That was one of my work steps necessary for the day as well.

You’ll recognize quickly that I deadline myself. I also give myself specific tasks, to not only put my mind at peace but to ensure that everything is going in the right direction. You need to do that too for your own business. You can’t just waste a day. As an entrepreneur, you have to keep the business momentum going.

I’m so happy you are sharing this journey with me.

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