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Setting up an LLC using INCfile

Dave Soltau - May 4, 2021 - 0 comments

I’m grateful to you for checking in with me to learn more about starting your own home healthcare business

If you want to start your own home healthcare staffing business, you will need to set up as an LLC. Watch in today’s clip how I walk you through the process I used to determine a legal company name. 

I deliberated over a few names like the Wellness Academy, the Wellness University (which I absolutely loved), and others. I ended up choosing the Health and Wealth Academy, as it was available and best positioned the type of company I wanted to build.

To see the full clip on how I used INCfile to set up my LLC, you’ll need to register and download my courses at the Health and Wealth Academy. These courses will help you get started with the right kind of entrepreneurial tools to start your own successful business. 


To learn more about growing a business, sign up for the full VIP Master Bundle course on the Health & Wealth Academy site. To stay on top of daily insights, check out our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter

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