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Does Your Business Name Match Your Vision? 

Dave Soltau - March 9, 2021 - 0 comments

Matching your business name up to your business vision is an important part of creating your entrepreneurial journey. If you’re going to sell online courses to help people start a home health care business, as I am doing with the Health & Wealth Academy, your name should match the vision you have for your company. In my case, I think it does. 

Today’s clip speaks to this, about how to create connections between your offerings, and the benefit it gives to people who engage and buy your offerings. That’s the nature of marketing and commerce. When Apple decided to call its mobile device the iPhone, it certainly brought a sense of the personal aura around the phone in its use to manage (almost) everything you need in your life. 

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Through my courses, you will learn how to start a home health care and home staffing business, without making the mistakes I did when starting up! 

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