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Planning and Preparing for Success as an Healthcare Entrepreneur

Dave Soltau - May 5, 2021 - 0 comments

Entrepreneurs – do you know the steps you need to take as soon as you’ve picked a business name, set up your LLC, established a business bank account, and gotten your first few clients? 

What’s next? My full VIP Master Course Bundle includes courses on the steps you must take to get started. In today’s 5-Sec Boom clip, I discuss Section 2 where I break down the fundamentals you should start on for your entrepreneurial journey in a home healthcare business

In Section 2 of the course, I describe all the key steps to launch your business right from the start. This includes marketing, business planning, financing, hiring, and why they are important when you launch your business. 

In my 14 years of running businesses in the home healthcare space, I’ve learned what to do and what not to do. You WILL save TIME and MONEY when you sign up for my full course (discounted to $799) for launching your business. I will show you concepts that could launch your business in the right direction from the start if you follow closely the instructions provided. 

I encourage you to purchase my course and dig into the nuggets of knowledge that I’ve gained in the home healthcare staffing business. Check out DaveTheNurse and then visit my Health & Wealth Academy site to download my courses to help you get started on an entrepreneurial nursing career! 

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