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Don’t Flash Your Badge of Greatness – Be Humble

Dave Soltau - April 12, 2021 - 0 comments

This week’s A-HAW moment relates a story about the time I got involved in helping a patient having a Grand Mal seizure when I happened to be in Thailand a few years ago. An Australian man (who might’ve been in the construction field) claimed that his wife worked as an ICU nurse, and as a result, was trying to show his ‘badge of greatness’ by claiming he knew what to do when he really didn’t know.

Meanwhile, having treated seizure patients many times before, I suggested putting a motorcycle helmet on the patient to protect the patient’s head when the inevitable head and body thrashing emerged later. I had to endure some sharp comments from the Australian man, but later I learned that the patient was in fact thrashing, punching people and eventually flew out of the chair onto his head. The local staff told me later that the helmet protected the patient during the seizure.

My point to all this is that I want you to use your nursing and ICU knowledge willingly and humbly, without having to brag to everyone about how much you know. Being in nursing gives you the wisdom that many people do not have. Use that wisdom wisely.

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