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Q&A Friday What is The Difference Between Home Health Services and Private Duty Care?

Dave Soltau - February 26, 2021 - 0 comments

Hi, Dave the Nurse here with a great question for our Q&A Friday.

“What is the difference between home health services and home care, or private-duty care?”

Thanks for the question. 

At my company Advanced Clinical Associates, we are Medicare certified and can bill major insurance companies for services given in a patient’s home. In providing home health care services, we can send skilled nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and even caregivers to help your family after a procedure. Our providers can help with medical management to education. 

Services are usually paid by Medicare, BC/BS, and other major insurances. These services do require a doctor’s order for us to help your family in their home, but at the same time, Medicare will provide a reimbursement to our company for those services for a limited time. 

With private duty home care, we see this as typically maintaining a safe environment for a family member. Private duty home care makes sure that a family member is safe, well-fed, have transportation, those things. Private duty care can be done using a caregiver and doesn’t require a registered nurse for this. Payment is usually with a credit card.

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