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Nurse Entrepreneurs Learn About Contracts with HAW Academy

Dave Soltau - December 22, 2020 - 0 comments

Hi! DaveTheNurse here – Now that you’re going into business on your own, it’s important to have contracts to work with. Contracts are business agreements that are legally binding. These are important for you to know about and to use. 

In this Tuesday Teaser, I show you where to get information on creating your own contracts – I’ll show you where to find them online, and use templates offered by services like IncFile.  

You won’t need all the different types of contracts right at the start of your own business, but you will want to know where to find them when you do need contracts. 

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Video Transcript:

So when you begin a business there’s a lot of contracts that if I would have had my hands on when I started years ago things would have been so much easier. I’ll tell you you’re going to want to cut corners. You’re going to start businesses without contracts in place is a very dangerous situation to get yourself into.

So what I’ve done is showed you locations where you can find them. Whether it’s through an asset that you pay for, whether it’s online. Or whether it’s through some of the corporations like Incfile that allows you the opportunity to use theirs for a small fee but oh so worth it.

Remember you’re now in the game where you must protect your business as well as yourself. So come along.

How’s it going everybody, DaveTheNurse here with the Health and Wealth Academy. How’s everybody doing?

Is the opportunity to access their business contract templates. I love them because they’ve got great comp templates as an example:

  • operating agreement
  • non-competes
  • non-disclosure
  • independent contract
  • employee agreement

as I go on and what I want to show you guys and I’ll use this one as an example an employee offer letter. You can click on it view the PDF. We’ll pull it up for you real quick.

So as an example, an employee offer letter is here through Incfile which again I think is great. It goes down there. It setups where you’ve just got to fill in the information the employment letter is set up to a standard.

Set up again by a law firm has all of the basic information that would protect both you, the employer, as well as the employee if there were ever a conflict. And if you want to get a custom draft specific to your business, you can click on the get custom draft as I’ve done.

In this particular case, it’s $199. Again, do you need all of the contracts in the beginning? Absolutely not this is more about where can i find them and the real question is ‘what’s in your budget?’

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