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DaveTheEntrepreneur Discusses Problems to Solve When Starting a Business

Dave Soltau - December 23, 2020 - 0 comments

In this week’s Who is DaveTheNurse segment, I answer questions about the challenges that entrepreneurs may face as they start up a business. I can tell you that there are pitfalls you might have to leap over, and inaccurate information you get from people that lead you in the wrong direction. 

Most importantly, I want you to learn about your ‘why’. I am not so concerned about the ‘how’ – that will come. I can teach you how to do something, but I want you to recognize why you are headed on the path you’re taking. That’s crucial. 

Over the next few months, DaveTheNurse will share mini-clips like this to help you stay inspired and excited in your journey to becoming the best entrepreneur you can possibly be. Stay tuned for more clips from the DaveTheNurse YouTube and the Health & Wealth Academy YouTube.

For more information, visit Health & Wealth Academy and sign up for courses to become an entrepreneur!

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