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Who is DaveTheNurse and What I Do Better Than Anyone Else?

Dave Soltau - December 16, 2020 - 0 comments

When it comes to knowing who this DaveTheNurse guy is, I thought it would be fun to do a quick video with my friend and colleague Matt. I wanted him to ask me some questions, which I answer as honestly as I can for you to see and begin to understand just Who is DaveTheNurse.  

In this clip below, I share insights into my motivations, my background, my experience, and why I think all of these combined make me a very good instructor in both nursing and as an entrepreneur.

The things I will share with you in my course will help you get very confident in your experience and your skills. And I promise you we will make it in such a way for you to enjoy this process. 

I want you on my nurse entrepreneur team. I want to know that if you are working with me and you are on my team, you’re gonna be on your way to becoming equally as strong, if not better!

Stay with me on this journey. For more information, explore my DaveTheNurse website and visit the Health and Wealth Academy and sign up for courses to become a nurse entrepreneur!



Video Transcript:

Dave Soltau: So one of the hardest parts about introducing yourself to the world is actually not only talking about your accomplishments but who you are. 

So, in this video, Matt came with me, asked a bunch of questions, and from those questions, I was able to give you answers from the heart. Not only explaining who I am, but what I am about to bring to the table and why it’s so relevant to you, young entrepreneur. So come with us. 

Matt O’Brien: Dave, we are back.

Dave: It’s like I haven’t seen you in forever. Where have you been?

Matt: I know, it seems like it. Alright, so we are going to go through the video. You’ve got some questions, so let me share my screen. 

Dave: I do. So let’s start with DaveTheNurse. That’s a good one. “What do I do better than anyone else?”  Well, you know, here is the reality. I don’t do anything better than anyone else. What I do have is an amazing amount of time experience – 23 years as a nurse. My background, as we all know is either critical care from an ICU ER perspective, I’ve worked a registry, I’ve built a registry. And the reason that’s so important is because I’ve been a nurse for so long I’ve had the luxury as well as the opportunity to train hundreds of different nurses.

So I do come to the table from the nursing perspective with not only a lot of experience but a lot of teaching. So I consider myself a really good instructor. So from a nursing perspective if you got to hang with me in an ICU or emergency room, I promise you would know a lot and be very comfortable, very confident in your experience and your skills and I promise you we’d make it in such a way you’d really enjoy this process. 

I’m not an eat your young nurse. Where there is a rumor that nurses eat their young. I don’t. I educate my young, as in my young nurses with the goal of making you equally strong, if not better than me. That is the goal.

I want you on my team. I want to know that if you are working with me and you are on my team you’re equally as strong, if not better or on your way to becoming. Does that make sense?

Matt: It does. 

Dave: so that is my vision. Good instructor, fun to work with, approachable, down to earth, but I will hold you accountable. I mean you are going to learn with me. I’m going to expect you to know things. I will teach you and I will test you, but when you’re done, you’re going to learn a lot.

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