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The Humble Beginnings of DaveTheNurse and Health and Wealth Academy

Dave Soltau - December 17, 2020 - 0 comments

It’s Throwback Thursday and I am getting real with you. I’m throwing it back to 6 months ago to our 1st day of filming for the Health and Wealth Academy and the build-out of DaveTheNurse

Here I give you some behind-the-scenes looks at my humble beginnings of this process. You can see my office setup with makeshift lighting and setup and even a peek at my somewhat untidy office space and you can even see how far I’ve advanced in a short time. The quality of videos evolves along with my knowledge of this build-out process. 

I’m sharing this process with you so that you can be that much further ahead when you start your project. And I poke a little fun at myself and my favorite word throughout this video – see if you can figure it out! 

I’m so happy you are sharing this journey with me. Learn more about DaveTheNurse and Health & Wealth Academy today.



Video Transcript:

So everybody says it, ‘you just have to start doing’, but what does that mean? Especially if you’re making videos for the very first time. Well in my case, I grabbed my camera, poor lighting – terrible lighting, no microphone, and just started rambling. And here was the funniest part, I honestly thought the quality was good.

Guys, you only know what you know. So come with me as we start on day one of the filming of the Health and Wealth Academy and the build-out of DaveTheNurse. We spent the last six months videotaping anywhere between three and five videos a week for all of you guys to enjoy. 

The goal here was to show you the realities of the build-out of a business, so come with me. 

How’s it going, everybody? DaveTheNurse with the Health and Wealth Academy. How is everybody doing? Well guys today is officially the first day of the rest of my life.

I’m actually going to audiotape and videotape the entire process of the building out of DaveTheNurse as well as a Health and Wealth Academy so you guys are with me it is t minus 45 minutes.  I’m just getting set up. 

I’m gonna let you see what I’m looking at here. I’m actually if you guys take a look here setting up my Zoom and I’m just kind of practicing where everything is. You guys can take a hard look at what I’m actually dealing with here. Place is a mess. This is the real me but it’s okay guys. I’m just trying to introduce myself to the world. We’re literally going to do a step-by-step process from A to Z. We’re going to teach you guys how we did this.

I’ve got my colleague Matt who’s joining me in about 30 minutes he’s going to walk us through the entire process. I’m excited to bring you guys along and let you be part of this. I’ll tell you it’s weird I’m looking at myself here but I’m also looking at myself there. 

I want you to take a look at what I did here. Okay full transparency, I’ve got to remind myself to stay charming, be real, smile, smiles right here.  Okay look here. Don’t be so Hawaii stiff. What the heck does that mean? Guys I did a video when I was in Hawaii and I was such a stiff and I remember sending it to these people and I was it was doing an interview in reference to a software piece that I got to use. And I was so proud of it. It was in Waikiki. It was 6:30 in the morning. I had Diamondhead in my background and I was very excited to share it and I said “what do you think?” They said Dave “could you possibly be any more stiff?”

I’m coming to you live from Honolulu, Hawaii and this ladies and gentlemen is my Clever RX story. So three weeks ago before I came to Hawaii, I was actually diagnosed with laryngitis where I was prescribed both a steroid and an elixir with codeine. 

And I didn’t know what they meant until I actually watched it and realized oh my god I’m such a stiff. I didn’t smile, I had no energy. I don’t know I was nervous nelly. So I want you guys to learn who I am. Get to know me. I’m introducing myself to the world, so come with me guys. 

All right guys, T minus 30. We’re setting up here trying to get the view of what I’m going to be working with as far as my desk which you guys are going to be seeing. But I want you guys to see what I really have. Kind of a makeshift hooptie deal. A light I stole from a plant. A hungry duck game to hold the light in place. A couple of half drank waters. Pens all over the place my very special skull which gives me good luck. My other office pieces that make me real and stuff I’m trying to get rid of to make it look more professional than ever but you know what guys this is the reality. We’re gonna do this. I’ll be changing my shirt here in the next 20 minutes but you’re seeing what I’m doing to get set up. Enjoy this ride.

All right guys the first videos with Matt are complete. Pretty excited about the information, looking forward to this process. 

Here’s the best part about working out from home working in your office you’ve got a professional shirt at the top surfer shorts, Hurley surfer shorts at the bottom. Why does my outfit remind me of a mullet? I have no idea! 

Looking forward to meeting you guys. Stay with me this is gonna be a lot of fun, peace! 

So what I want you to take away from that quick video is how the quality will change with time. You’re gonna set yourself up with great video lighting, as well as a great microphone like I have here. And I promise you you will use the word guys less often as you continue to practice speaking to the community. But until then, have some fun watch the video again and play that game where every time I use the word “guys” you gotta take a sip!

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