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Friday Q&A – Do I need a TB Test for Homecare?

Dave Soltau - January 22, 2021 - 0 comments

Hey, how’s it goin? It’s DaveTheNurse here with the Health & Wealth Academy. Here’s another great question for our Friday Q&A for you. “Dave, does your company require TB to manage patients in homecare?” 

From 2007-2018, having a TB was a state requirement, as well as for my company Advanced Clinical Associates. What that meant is if you worked for our company, you would be required to take a TB exam every 2 years with a negative PPE. 

Do you still need it today? Well, it is no longer required by the state of Arizona or by Advanced Clinical Associates. That may be different in your home state. Follow up with the Department of Health Services in your city or state. 

Make sure you’re maintaining all those protocols. If they need TB, try CVS or Walgreens for your TB screening test.


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