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Do I Need a Lawyer to Start My Business?

Dave Soltau - February 4, 2021 - 0 comments

I get asked this all the time – Do I need a lawyer as I start my new business

In general, yes, you should probably consult with a lawyer about your new entrepreneurial business BEFORE you really get going, not afterward when things may get complicated.

Part of needing legal advice is getting over the fact that you already know what you need. We don’t all know all the ins and outs of legal aspects of a business. I know I didn’t. 

Also, getting a lawyer depends on what you’re aiming to do. In my case, I needed clarity on intellectual property, fiduciary duties, and other elements that come when you already have a business and you’re starting a new one. My lawyer helped me achieve a clear understanding of my legal rights as a business owner and brought me to a stronger place as an entrepreneur.  

Watch the video clip for a few more insights I bring into the mix that might help you as you start on your entrepreneurial journey! 

I’m so happy you are sharing this video series. Remember, these are just short clips to get you interested in my perspectives on being an entrepreneur.

I put all my longer, fact-filled clips into the course at the Health & Wealth Academy  – THAT’S where the good stuff is! I hope you check it out and see for yourself. 

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