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Q&A Friday – Do you Hire Employees as 1099s?

Dave Soltau - April 16, 2021 - 0 comments

Hi, DaveTheNurse here on Q&A Friday – We’ve got a great question from Kelsey today, who asks

“Do you hire employees as 1099s?”

Thanks, Kelsey!

In our experience, we have used some people as 1099s over the past 13 years. But I certainly prefer to use full-time W2 employees.  There can be too many grey areas to work with 1099s.

When you have to direct someone as a 1099, the IRS will insist and may possibly investigate if the person is a W2 or a 1099. If you want to work for us as an employee, and we give you direction and guidelines, then you will likely be considered as a W2 employee.

If you were to approach my company and insisted you work as a 1099, I would require these things as absolutes from you:

  1. I’d need to know that you have your own business as an LLC, and 
  2. You’d have to present to us your workman’s compensation and liability insurance, as you’re not covered under our company insurance policy as a 1099.

If you come to us with those items all set up, then I could see a chance for us to work together. 

I hope that answer is clear to you who are watching. I’m DaveTheNurse and I appreciate you all. I hope you will show your support for my work by signing up for my courses at the Health & Wealth Academy

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