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Already Feeling Burned Out with Nursing?

Dave Soltau - March 17, 2021 - 0 comments

It’s been a tough couple of years for nurses. From the suffering through the pandemic, and the long hours of caring for others, nurses have been overworked, working in understaffed conditions, and having a hard time getting excited about their career again.

But does this mean you just give up? Do you throw in the nursing towel? I say NO. The answer doesn’t have to be to stop your calling.

I’m DaveTheNurse, I currently run Advanced Clinical Associates (ACA) in Scottsdale Arizona, and want to share my insights on being an entrepreneur in the nursing care industry. Come hang with me.

Register at the Health & Wealth Academy – That’s where you can access all my informational videos for a low price, to get you started in building your own business in-home health care. Sign up for my free single course or the full course today! Let’s talk about nursing, business, and becoming a full-time nursing business entrepreneur.

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