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What is the Health and Wealth Academy

Dave Soltau - December 3, 2020 - 0 comments


My name is Dave Soltau – I am a registered nurse as well as an entrepreneur of over 23 years and thanks for coming to my site. The site is DaveTheNurse and the Health & Wealth Academy. I have built it for you over the last 23 years. I’ve started six different businesses, I’m a published author and I’m also the current owner of a medicare-certified home health agency in Scottsdale, Arizona that’s generated tens of millions of dollars in sales.

Over the last 23 years, I’ve had the opportunity as a nurse to teach hundreds of nurses how to be strong clinicians. But at the same time, people have reached out to me for years and said “Dave, can you give me advice on X?”

I want to be able to teach the average person who’s no longer happy with nursing, no longer happy with their clinical profession or is looking for some other angles and different strategies on how to make money in the graying of America.

So if you’re a young entrepreneur or registered nurse that wants to do something different, somebody wanting information on “how” – on how to start a non-medical home health agency, on questions on how to start your own staffing company – reach out to me, young entrepreneur.

For more information, visit Health & Wealth Academy and sign up for courses to become an entrepreneur! Learn more at and

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